Register for Alpha Weekend

The Alpha Weekend is all about getting away from the busyness of everyday life so we can connect with each other and connect with God. It gives us a special space and time to more deeply think on what we’ve been learning. Four teachings are given during the weekend, about 25% of the overall course, learning about the Holy Spirit and prayer. The weekend is Saturday July 10 all day ending with dinner, and Sunday July 11 morning ending with lunch. Registration is important so we can prepare for you and make sure that we have the right number of small groups. Please sign-up by July 1 using the link below. We can’t wait to spend the weekend with you.

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Sunday Worship

1:30 PM

Join us for Sunday worship via
YouTube Live:

Yes, we are worshipping in-person at Briarcliff! Please RSVP below and use the self-assessment before coming.


Note: RSVPs close every Wednesday at 11:59 PM, and any overflow will be first on the list for the following week.

Fellowship after service using the button below for games, discussions and even workouts.

Morning Journey

7:00 AM

We invite you to begin your day in prayer and petition with the family of Christ through Zoom Tuesdays to Fridays. This hour will be led and guided by pastors, staff, and deacons of our community.

Stay Connected

JOIN a community group! Family groups and Journey groups will continue to meet weekly via Zoom. Contact if you’re interested in checking one out.

READ the Bible daily, here are some resources: AMI Quiet Times, Dwell.

FOLLOW us on social media through our Instagram and Facebook accounts to stay informed of all the latest Journey Church updates.

With or without a building, we are a church together

PRAY for our city and for the world, for the sick and for the healthcare workers who are on the front lines caring for them. Pray for those whose jobs are affected because of this outbreak, and who may not be able to provide for their families. Pray for our missionary partners who are sent out to the nations, and lastly for wisdom for those in positions of authority and in government.

BE THE HOPE AND LIGHT OF CHRIST to your neighbors. During this time of crisis, it is important that we keep our mind on things above and look for ways to serve. As we quarantine, it’s natural to slip into thinking about ourselves most, putting our needs first, and neglecting others. After all, we’re by ourselves all day! What are some ways we can be intentional to be a light to people during this time? Is there anyone we know who could use some help, food, encouragement? Ask God for opportunities to serve those who are in need. He might just show you someone who is struggling on their own, someone you could share the hope of Christ with. Let us look not only to our own interests, but also the needs of others during this time of crisis (Philippians 2:4).